ADHD Help Groups

There are many help groups out there for many things, and although there isn’t an Anonymous style group, such as alcoholics or gamblers anonymous, which sees you sitting in a circle and reciting passages from the ‘big book’, there are support groups out there that use a variety of techniques.

If it’s a group more geared towards children and young people you are looking for, speak to your local GP, Social Services, Schools (your child doesn’t have to be enrolled there for you to speak to someone on the phone), SEN (Special Educational Needs) Coordinators, Nurses, basically, anyone that’s employed in the ‘public’ sector is bound to know someone, who knows someone, who has a friend who attends one of these groups or is the organizer.

There is also of course the internet. is a non-profit charity which offers a vast amount of information, and should you be based in the USA, a variety of lists of local services, camps and professionals. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to have quite branched out into the UK yet, but watch this space, I’m sure it won’t be long. If you are UK based, not all is lost, because CHADD also have a huge array of support online. Unfortunately, membership does come at a small fee however you’ll find plenty of support, webinars, and an e-magazine bringing you up to date with all of the latest breakthroughs, as well as stories from professionals and those with ADHD alike.

If that’s not really for you, check out the results from Google. You may find something that is more suited to you, be that web based, groups, one on one support or a combination of all 3. If it is not for you that you are looking, you should factor a few things in.

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